Finding the Arch in the archive

This paper explores how and where Archbishop Desmond Tutu's life and work are represented in various archival materials. It then proposes some areas of research collaboration and value.

The revolution starts here: open access to digital cultural heritage collections in the UK

A report was released this week that is the single most important piece of research conducted on the subject of copyright and cultural heritage in the UK. Conducted by Dr Andrea Wallace this work needs to signal the start of an evolution in practice for UK museums, libraries and archives with a revolution in access and re-use for the general public. As the report states, we need policy that breaks down " the barriers existing between the UK’s outstanding cultural collections, including public access to and reuse of them ".

What is a strategy?

A strategy, most simply, is a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim. It is the answer to the question ‘where are we going and why?’ Strategy differs from the everyday management processes and plans implemented as a procedure, policy or protocol that answers a different question: ‘how do we get things done around here?’ - new impact model website launched

I am announcing a new web resource: the Balanced Value Impact Model . Visit for exemplars, implementations, templates, a bibliography and a glossary of the BVI Model.  also supports the release of my book:  Delivering Impact with Digital Resources .

Balanced Value Impact Model at #LibPMC

Image courtesy of @LIbPMC conference I delivered a keynote on the Balanced Value Impact Model to the International Conference on Performance Measurement in Libraries, Aberystwyth, Wales on the 23rd July 2019. See the conference hashtag #LibPMC and website  for more information.

Keynote: Proposing the modes of digital value for a memory institution

Proposing the modes of digital value for a memory institution from Simon Tanner Proposing the modes of digital value for a memory institution Keynote delivered to the Museums and Digital Memory: from creation and curation to digital preservation - a British Museum conference: Monday 3rd September 2018 #MADM2018

BVI Model Version 2 Overview

The Balanced Value Impact Model (BVI Model) has been used and tested in many memory institutions since 2012. Here I publish the major modifications that make up BVI Model Version 2. The full Version 2 of the BVI Model will be published in my book: Delivering Impact with Digital Resources: Planning strategy in the attention economy due in 2019.