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Magic Box - wonderful interactions between physical and digital

Saw this new product and thought I'd share - it is a wonderful exhibition technology that keeps the physical object in the exhibition space but allows an amazing experience through a transparent and touch sensitive layer of digital content.

Text Capture and Optical Character Recognition 101

This blog will introduce text capture by describing the different methods with a focus upon historical documents. I will introduce the basics of OCR and rekeying with discussion of handwriting and voice recognition.

Digital Futures Workshop 2015, Ghana

All the delegates for the workshop outside the Balme Library, University of Ghana Recently I gave a short Digital Futures workshop as part of the International Conference of African Digital Libraries and Archives (ICADLA4). Hosted at the University of Ghana we had a superb 2 day course with 41 participants from 11 countries. This is a visual record plus some materials from the workshop.

In memoriam: Felix Ubogu a great Librarian

Felix Ubogu, the University Librarian at the University of Witwatersrand has sadly passed away. I have just returned from an excellent ICADLA conference in Ghana. Felix was missed by all there and now we know his illness was worse than many of us thought. May he rest in peace.