- new impact model website launched

I am announcing a new web resource: the Balanced Value Impact Model. Visit for exemplars, implementations, templates, a bibliography and a glossary of the BVI Model. also supports the release of my book: Delivering Impact with Digital Resources.

The BVI Model

The BVI Model is a cohesive model to provide a useful definition and process of impact assessment. The BVI Model reflects the broader process of impact assessment and strategic planning. Principles from the BVI Model can be applied in different settings or at a less advanced level. The adoption of the BVI Model challenges organisations to be more evidence-based and to investigate the underlying assumptions driving institutional values and strategies.

The definition of impact is the measurable outcomes arising from the existence of a digital resource that demonstrate a change in the life or life opportunities of the community.

The BVI Model is a means to structure an activity for purposes of setting strategic contexts, deciding what to measure and to add purpose, direction and a disciplined approach to the often vague concept of impact. Defining modes of value for digital culture is not solely driven by economics but contain indicators of other more intangible values, even including non-use. This balanced approach seeks to show that the digital resource demonstrably made the host organisation grow better – becoming more efficient and effective in reaching its goals; while stakeholders become more satisfied, finding social, community and educative benefits of tangible worth that enhance society.

The concept underlying the BVI Model follows a process that stresses the importance of distinguishing between actions, the outputs and the outcomes of these actions, and ultimately the impact a memory organisation or its digital presence has on people. The aim is also to challenge implementers to think of more profound indicators of impact.

At may be found BVI Model resources, including:
The website will be further developed as more examples of the BVI Model and its application become available.The publication in 2017 of the Europeana Impact Playbook is a key toolkit that has operationalised the BVI Model.

If you think there is something you'd like to see added to the site then please do leave me a comment here or email me.

The BVI Model website is the supporting online resource for the Balanced Value Impact Model. It is created and maintained by Professor Simon Tanner, who authored the BVI Model in 2012 and updated it to V2.0 in 2020 with his new book: Delivering Impact with Digital Resources.


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